Spiti Valley Tour


Duration - 6 days
Location - Lahul & Spiti
Season - July, August and September

Trip Itinerary 

Day 01 Arrive in Manali. Stay in hotel.

Day 02 Manali to Tak-sa or Rangrik (7 hours driving)
Manali - Rothang - Chandra Tal - Tak-Sa (camping) or Rangrik (hotel)
Leave Manali by jeep, pass through Rothang and then towards Chandra Tal (Moon Lake) where an approx. 20 min. walk takes you to the lake. Drive through the green Kullu Valley to the first pass. The road follows the Chandra River in a surreal surrounding full of high mountains, glaciers and big walls all around. From the Kunzum Pass (4540m) on the walk to the lake you can enjoy looking at high Himalayan Peaks including Lalana (6265m) and Papasura (6451m). Then descend to either Tak-Sa or Rangrik in the Spiti Valley. You may camp in Tak-Sa overnight or stay in a hotel in Rangrik. After a quick "chai", we start to hike through the spread out Oak forest of Gulaba- 3000m. The climb has to be slow for acclimatization and also to make a good track for the porters who will carry all the base camp material. The camp is set just bellow the tree line, at 3200m, from where the entire Solang Valley, including the Hanuman Tibba peak and the Dashaur peak near Rohtang Pass, are visible. Camp overnight.

Day 03 Tak-sa or Rangrik to Kaza to Rangrik (2 hours driving + 1 hour walking)
Today we immerse ourselves in the Buddhist culture... Meet a monk from Ki Monastery. We also visit one of the highest villages in the world where they breed yacks. An approx. 1 hr walk from Kibber Village down to Ki Monastery.

Day 04  Rangrik - Kaza - Langza - Comic - Hikim - Tanjud Monastery - Rangrik
Walk for 2 hours to visit Tanjud Monastery. On the way you will get the opportunity to see how dry the mountains are from the rocky walk. Discover how the people of Spiti live, take note of their Tibetan typefaces and their legendary kindness.

Day 05 Rangrik to Kungri to Dankar Gompa to Tabo
You may take a 2 hr walk to Dankar Lake or choose to be driven, approx. 1h30. Clinging on the sharp cliff side, you can see one of the most impressive monasteries in Spiti due to its location. Some of the prayer rooms are hooked onto the mountain. Drive on to Tabo which is the oldest monastery with a world famous collection of statues and tankas.

Day 06  Tabo - Manali
Today is spent on the road, venturing through the great Himalayas. You stop in a beautiful location for lunch and in a very welcoming place for tea. Enjoy another opportunity to appreciate the unique landscape Spiti Valley has to offer. About 12 hours driving in all to make it back to your hotel in Manali for the night.

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