Darcha to Lamayuru Trek


Duration - 20 days
Location - Ladakh
Grade - Challenging +
Season - July, August and September

Trek Itinerary

Day 01 Arrival in Manali

Day 02 Darcha _ Zansker Sumdo
We leave Darcha at morning, we will cross a bridge high above the Darcha river and continues to the village of Zansker- Sumdo. We are going side of the river. Today we have to walk 6 – 7 hour. Our overnight stay and dinner in camp.

Day  03 Zansker Sumdo to Ramjak
Today we are leaving Zansker Sumdo. Our trail today leads us through boulder field, across several streams and meager grazing pastures to palamo (3600). Today we have to walk 7 – 8 hour. Today our dinner and overnight stay in camp.

Day 04 Ramjak via Shinkul la – Lakhang (4470m)
Today we are leaving Ramzak and we have to cross Shinkul La pass today. Today we have to walk up hill and downhill almost 6- 7 hour. From here the ascent to Shinkul La (4980m) follows a trail across snow field or screed, after season. Rock cairns and prayer flags will greet us at the top of the pass and the view is impressive with 6000m peaks defining both the Himalaya and the Baralacha La range. From here there is a steep descent to the Lakhang valley flour. Today our dinner and overnight stay in camp.

Day 05 Lakhang – Kargyak  (4050m) 
Today we are leaving Lakhang. We have to walk 6 -7 hours to reach Kargyak. Kargyak is the highest permanent settlement in the Zansker region.This is the first civilization area. You can see here two or three villages how people they are leaving.

Day 06 Kargyak – Tetha(3950m)
Today we are leaving kargyak. It is a gentle walk today.Below the village of Tanze, we cross the bridgre. Today we have to walk 6- 7 hour. We are going through Karu village marked by chortens. Stone walls line the trek, protecting the field from pack animals. Today our stay and overnight stay in camp.

Day 07 Tetha – Purne
Today we are leaving Tetha. Todays we have to walk 5-6 hour. Today we are going through the Yal village. We cross the bridge across the Kargyak River to the Purne. Today our dinner and overnight stay in Purne.

Day 08 Dayhike to Phuktal Monastery 3850m (4 hrs) Phuktal monastery is the  most spectacular situated gompa in Ladakh, clinging to some limestone cliffs  with the main assembly hall carved out of a huge cave and with the monks' white  residences scattered down the hillside. The monastery belongs to the Gelukpa  order (yellow hat order) and is built around a sacred spring which flows all  year, even in the winter when other springs freeze. Inside the monastery there is an inscription to Cosma de Koros (Hungarian historian), one of the first Europeans to visit the Zanskar region and the first to translate the Buddhist texts from Tibetan into English. After visiting the monastery we'll return to  Purne to spend the night.

Day 09 Purne to Pipula
Today we are leaving Purne,around 5 hour walk along the Zansker river. Today you will be walking through the groge and the river will accompany you all the way. Camping side is different but beautiful it is right in the middle of the gorge and beside flows the Zansker River. Here the river is wild and strong. It is bit hard to pitch the tents because the surface is hard there is a small teashop here. Over night at camp.

Day 10 Pipula to Raru (3600m)
Today we are leaving Pipula,It is 4 hour wonderful walk through the village Ichar that is quite big as compared to the other villages of Zanskar. After crossing the river we get to the village Raru a fantastic probably the last best camping site of the trek along the lake, which is not always full of water. Over night at camp.

Day 11 Raru to Padum ( 3500m)
It’s a 7 hour walking further passing through the Mune and Bardan Gompa. Mune Monastery is a fine exmple of the Teaditional Tibetan architecture where as Bardan Monastery is built on the hugh rock along the river. Soon the wide plains of Ladakh are visible and finely we reach Padam. Over night at camp.

Day  12 Padam to Pishu via Karsha / Rinum
Its around 6 hour walk. Karsha is the largest and the most important Monastery in Zansker region it lies North to Padum towards Yalang and can be reached after crossing uhe Dida river (stood river). The monastery, which is picturesquely built on a rock high odoe the Doba river, Can be seen from  a distance. The monastery  houses more then 150 yellow capped monks who are headed by younger brother of Dali Lama. The monastery was built in the 15th century and contains beautiful statues of Buddha, Shakyamuni, Tsongkhapa and Avolokeshwara. The well painting are very attractive and depict the life of Buddha and his  disciples and number of Bodhisattvas. It also contains a big library. On the way to the monastery one passes the chamber Ling tample, which dates back to 11th century. Overnight at camp.
Easy stretch on the often hot and dusty  bank of the Zansker river. Above Riman, smalkl stream and shelter formed by the rocks. Before Pishu, makes a little detour to see the longest handing bridge over the Zanskar. It leads to angle. From Zangla, a trail goes to Padum via Tsazar and Thongde. An attractive campsite below the village of Pishu.

Day 13 A day at leisure at Pushu. Rest day.

Day 14 Pishu  to Hanumil
Its around 5 hour trek continus left bank. Easy going some time along the river, sometime cross the moraine plateau. A bridge before Pidmu, then another 2 hour. Until to Hanumil. Very good campsite.

Day   15 Hanumil To Snache
Today you have to walk from Hanumil to Snache, this is around 8 hour walk. This day you have to cross (FERCHALA PASS). The altitude of this passes is (3800mts). You have to start early morning then you will reaching on the pass around in 4 hour. After that you have to walk down hill around 2 hour, when you reached down of pass you can see there is one village  that is (Zing shain).  You have to walk again towards to our camp site. In 2 hour you will be in your camp site (Sneache). Your dinner and overnight stay is in camp Sneache.

Day 16 Sneache To Lingshit
Today you have to walk Sneache to Lingshit its around 8 hour walk. Today you have to cross (HANUMULALA PASS) the altitude of this pass is (4800mts). This day you have to walk 5 hour up hill and 2 hour downhill and after walk 1 hour you will reach in your destination. You’re over night stay and dinner in camp site

Day 17 Lingshit To Sting
Today you have to walk 7 hours and you have to cross one more pass that is (QUPATA PASS). The altitude of this pass is (4800mts). You have to walk 5 hour to reach on this pass when you reached on the pass you can see the road. How the workers are working on that road. You just follow that road and after walk 1 hour you can see your camp site. Today stay and dinner is in camp site.

Day 18 Sting To Fotokser
Today is last day on this trek, this day you have to walk 6 hour and you have to cross (SINGLA PASS). The altitude of this pass is (5100 mts). When you reached on the top you can see good view around you - long valley, on your left side is one peak. The local people they are saying that mountain is mouth of loin(because he looks like that shape) and one most thing is you can see one more pass that is SIRCELA PASS, today our dinner and overnight stay in camp.

Day 19 Photoksar via Sir Sir La – Hanupatta (3750m)
Today we are leaving Photoksar. Today we have to walk 7-8 hour and we have to cross Sir Sir La pass (4850m). From top of the pass there are great views of the main Zanskar range as well as our next camp hanupatta. Our dinner and overnight stay in camp.

Day 20 Hanupatta – Phanjila
Today we are leving Hanupatta. Today we have to walk 7-8 hour. The Zansker River is making its way deep down in the gorge, and in this barren, harsh landscape beautiful rosebushes flower. When we walk to the Phanjila the valley become more and more narrow, leading into a spectacular gorge with rock walls rising 1000m above the river. Today our dinner and over night stay in camp.

Day 21 Phanjila – Lamayuru
Today we are leaving Phanjila, we have to walk 5-6 hour to reach Lamayuru. When we reach lamayuru we are going to spend some time in there monasteries. The monasteries in lamayuru, likir and Alchi are truly worth visiting for their age and history. Today our dinner and overnight stay in hotel.

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