Canyoning in Manali


An exciting new sport, a cross between absailing or rappelling & caving into waterfalls. Cannoning offers a journey under an open sky into wild preserved aquatic sites. A cross between absailing or rappelling & caving into waterfalls. Get in touch with a special natural world and see beauty such as you’ve only dreamed of… From the raw power of strong waterfalls to the tranquillity of deep, forested pools, from sculptural rockscapes to glowing green moss droplets, you will be immersed in a world you never knew existed. We at HYTA, pioneer in Manali for Canyoning. Our aim is to allow others to discover this beautiful region without disturbing neither its landscape nor its deeply spiritual population. And talk about fun! Challenge yourself in ways you’d never dreamed of. Plunge down water polished chutes and abseil down waterfalls. Jump off cliffs! Climb, swim and float through an amazing world of water- sculpted rock, deep clear pools and spectacular waterfalls. We progress directly where waterfalls have naturally eroded their own clefts & pathways. The canyon will show you an entirely different, inaccessible face of the Kullu valley, allowing you to follow the ancient routes taken by pure, cristaline water.

Northern India benefits from a sunny dry climate favorable for Canyoning nearly all year round. However november to march is normally reserved for winter sports. During the monsoon from mid july to the end of august occassional showers may break up the day, but canyoning conditions remain good.

Manali valley is abundant in rivers & waterfalls. The canyon is situated in Vashist on the Kroni river. For the medium canyon (grade III / IV) a 40 min walk will take you to your starting point high above the village, with a descent of aprox 3 hrs. The second canyon grade ( IV/V) takes 2 hrs to go up & aprox 5 hrs to come back down. It starts with an 80m drop!!!


Vashist next to Kroni Stream - 20 min walk

  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy, grade III/IV
  • When: March to November

Vashist next to Kroni Stream - 2 hour walk

  • Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium grade IV/V
  • When: March to November

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